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Holidays 2017/2018 School Closures for Pupils


Month Days Month Days
September   February 12th-16th
October 2nd & 30th March 30th
November 1st-3rd April 2nd-6th
December 25th-31st May 7th & 28th-31st
January 1st-5th June 1st


The above dates are inclusive. The Department has strict guidelines concerning parents removing children from school during term time, for holidays which should be taken during school holidays.


When we keep the rules we work well and learn
We stay happy and safe


  • Arrive at school between 8.45 am and 8.50 am
  • Look neat and tidy in our uniform
  • Keep our hair tidy and if it is long, tie it back
  • Bring a healthy snack for break
  • Keep toys at home except on special occassions
  • Bring an activity book for use on wet days
  • Wear suitable clothing and footwear for PE
  • Bring in a note of explanation after any absence or if we need to leave school

LEARNING We will ...

  • Always strive to achieve our best
  • Listen to and respect our teachers
  • Listen to and respect each other
  • Ask for help when we need it
  • Put our hand up when we want to speak
  • Ask our teacher when we want to leave our seat


  • Walk on the left in the corridors
  • Greet all members of staff and visitors politely
  • Hold open doors for each other
  • Use the pathway on the school lane
  • Walk alongside our bicycles in the school grounds
  • Remain seated and quiet on all bus journeys

OUTSIDE We will ...

  • Take pride in our behaviour when wearing our school uniform
  • Put all litter into bins
  • Play safely in the proper places
  • Stop and stand still when the bell rings
  • Walk quietly to our line
  • Let others play in our games

CARING We will ...

  • Show good manners
  • Be kind to each other
  • Care for everything in our school

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