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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Mr Traynor

School Chaplain

Fr. John Burns







Vice Principal

Mr McMullan



















SEN Co-ordinator

Mrs Cunningham









Designated Teacher

for Child Protection

Mrs Cunningham


Deputy Designated

Teacher for

Child Protection

Mr McMullan





Mrs McCann

Miss Haughian

Miss McCourt


Year 1

Mrs McDonnell

Mrs McCallum



Year 2

Miss McMullan

Mr McGrattan

Mrs Casement


Year 3

Mrs Lawlor

Mrs Sheppard

Miss Rafferty


Year 4

Mrs Loughran

Mrs Downey

Ms O'Brien


Year 5

Mrs Matthews

Mr McKenna

Miss McGuinness


Year 6

Mr Lynch

Mr O'Brien

Mrs Wray


Year 7

Miss Agnew

Mr McMullan

Mr McCarthy

Mrs Campbell



Ancillary and Auxiliary Staff


Office Staff

Mrs Doran




Mrs Matthews




Building Supervisior Mr Samsone (Covered by Mr Largy at present)


Assistant Building Supervisor Mrs Kelly


Patrol Person Mrs Brennan



Teaching Assistants


Miss Brazier

Mrs O’Loughlin

Mrs Patton

Mrs McLernon

Mrs McCullagh

Mrs J O'Neill

Mrs Ayre

Mrs Donnelly

Mrs Mirza

Mrs Magee

Miss O Rourke

Mrs Thornton

Mrs Graham

Ms Bailey

Mrs McQuade

Mrs Finn

Mrs O'Donavan

Mrs Kinnard

Mrs R O' Neill

Mrs Hanna




Supervisory Assistants


Mrs Neale

Mrs McPeake

Mrs Feeney

Mrs Morrissey

Mrs O Neill

Mrs Devlin

Mrs Hillman

Mrs Campbell


Cleaning Staff


Mrs Gorman

Mrs Hillman

Mrs Devlin

Mrs Lees

Mrs Sloan


Canteen Staff      
Mrs Weldon Mrs Nelson Mrs Lavery Mrs McCrudden
Mrs Carey Mrs Rosbotham Mrs McCullagh  


Board of Governors

Mr A Grant

ELB Representative  (Chair)

Fr C McGuinness Trustees Representative

Mr S Murphy

Trustees Representative

Mrs B Cassidy

Trustees Representative

Mrs L Kelly

Parent Representative

Dr A Hamill

Trustees Representative

Mrs R Harbinson

ELB Representative

Mr J McGowan

DENI Representative

Mrs M Cunningham

Teacher Representative

Mr B Traynor