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Christian Aid Fair-trade Visit

Year 6 classes each welcomed a visit from Christian Aid worker David this week.  David held mini- workshops in each of the  classes exploring what his organisation did, how they help people and children from developing countries and how they make links with the Fairtrade organisation.  David talked to the children about how Christian Aid raises money and how they support people who are living in poverty.  Christian Aid help by providing money for clean water, providing funds so people have enough food and ensuring that people have safe places to live.  As part of our ‘Fair Active’ Award, children explored and played ‘The Coffee Chain’ game! Children had to put their numeracy skills to the test by trying to calculate how much money is generated and received by producing a simple jar of coffee from South America!


Well done to our Year 6 children and a very big thank you to David from Christian Aid for making the Fairtrade workshops such fun!