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Eco team initiatives for this school year

The Eco Team have got off to a great start this year, helping everyone to recycle their paper and plastic in the correct bins.


They have also started our Cash For Clobber initiative, where they are encouraging everyone to have a clear out at home and bring any unwanted or unused items of clothing or bed linen to school, so that we can recycle these and help our environment.  There have already been a number of bags brought in to school.  Everyone is encouraged to place their items in a black bag and return to school on or before Wednesday 15th December for these to be collected. 


Switch-off Fortnight is also underway, with the Eco Team carrying out surveys around the school to see how well we are switching off unused devices.  They have been sharing this important message throughout the school and are encouraging pupils and staff to remember this important message to save energy and to switch off!