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Fire Service Visit Primary 5

Today Year 5 had a Fire Safety Visit.  It is also possible to organise a Home Fire Safety Check

A Home Fire Safety Check is a visit to the home to provide advice on how to stay safe from fire.

Each visit will be carried out by at least two staff from NIFRS who will be wearing NIFRS uniform and will carry a NIFRS photographic identification card.

During the visit they will either fit a smoke alarm or show you how to test your existing smoke alarm, explain the potential fire risks in your home, provide fire safety advice and explain the importance of having a night time fire safety routine and a fire escape plan.

The visit will take up to 40 minutes. Sometimes it is useful for a family member, friend, neighbour or care worker to also be present so that they can assist with the advice.

To apply for a Home Fire Safety Check please follow the link below to complete the form.