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Lorcán earns another Blue Peter Badge

I first got interested in collecting Blue Peter badges as I have watched other viewers getting presented with their badges on the show. So, I decided that during lockdown I would set myself a target of trying to collect some for myself.

I was actually able to use some of the work my teachers put on See-saw to help me achieve the badges. I earned the iconic blue badge for a painting that I did called Fishy Mc Fish Face that was part of our topic about the ocean. We also had to make a model of a pollution buster to keep the seas clean. I sent a diagram of the model and a video of the model at work in our bath.

This helped me get the green badge. I achieved my 2020 sports badge by participating in the school’s virtual sports day and sent photos to the BBC of me in the sack race and egg and spoon race.

The music badge was designed by ED Sheerin and I earned it by learning to play the trumpet with Mr Tohill. I also had to write about my 3 top favourite songs and what type of music my mum liked! I have now applied for the purple fan club badge. I had to do some fan art and join the fan club online and post a message on the fan club page.

I was asked to suggest what I would do if I was in charge of the fan club for a day. I suggested creating a science badge that can be earned by doing science experiments.

Hopefully I will get my purple badge soon enough!

By Lorcán Higgins